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RoseAnneGlow Elixir 30ml

AnneNight Beauty Sleep Mask 50ml

Complimentary face jade roller (worth £14.99)

Sculpt, contour & tone those facial muscles & cheekbones and enjoy a more fresh & defined facial structure. 

The benefits of massaging your face with this amazing simple yet effective facial tool is endless: 

By massaging with our jade roller 2x per day, preferably with your am & pm facial care routine.. you will see and feel the following benefits;

  • Gentle relaxation 
  • Decrease dark circles and under eye bags 
  • Smooth out fine lines 
  • Ease & calm facial swelling & inflammation 
  • Brighten skin
  • Remove toxins from use of blue light and phone screen usage 
  • Ease tension headaches 
  • Naturally cooling and will relieve lymphatic fluid by the massaging effects. 

How to use ;

On clean skin apply our Annes Just face it Elixir. 

All motions should be applied with either gentle to medium pressure. 

Use the larger side of the roller;

Jawline & cheekbones;

Begin from the chin & jawline, jade roll upwards & outwards and Massage the roller gently working outwards towards the edges of the face. Use the same procedure for your cheekbones. 

Continue this application for 2 minutes on both side of the face. 

For the next two minutes- apply to the rest of the facial areas. 

Neck application;

Sweep upwards and downward with light to gentle pressure whilst massaging the neck. 

Forehead application;

Use upwards motions and medium pressure whilst massaging the forehead. 

Under eyes & nose & lips;

Finally use the the smaller side of the jade roller around the under eyes with light pressure and outward strokes. 

Gentle motions around the sides of your nose. 

Can use medium pressure whilst pouting your lips and upward rolling motions. (The best part). 

Always wash and wipe your jade roller after use and store in a dry place. 

Please note for your pm routine apply the Anne’s sleep mask after the jade rolling massage, and let your skin become beautifully sculpted and nourished at the same time whilst your sleep. 

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