Passionate about our products? Want to earn 25% commission on our products? Want to be a ANNEbassador? (see what we did there!)

How Does It Work?

To be an ambassador you will need to post a minimum of 2 times a month and have active sales. What do we mean by active sales? When you log onto your ambassador platform it will show you how much commission you have earnt so as long as you are getting sales on a semi regular basis (even as small as 1 sale every 2-3 months) you will qualify to be an ambassador. In this case a sale is where your follower uses your link or coupon on our website.

Getting Products

If you are just starting out, buy any product you want to promote, once you start getting sales we will send you free products after. And we will continue to send free products all the time you are actively promoting the products and getting sales. (How often we will send products out will depend on the sales your account is getting, please talk to us if you have questions)

What Do I Need To Do?

Click the register button below and once approved create a post or reel at least twice a month about our products.

Need To Contact Our Influencer Department?

Email us on