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Anne’s Oils have been approved and Certified by Advena Medical Limited UK and comply with the Cosmetic Regulations EU 1223/2009. The oils are manufactured and produced in a UK facility which has a comprehensive quality management system in place and is designed specifically for the production of high quality products. The facility has received more than a dozen industry accreditations and quality certifications and meets the strict UK Health & Safety legislation.

Not tested on animals and contains no alcohol.

"I first tried Anne’s Oils while I was living in the UK.  Due to having a baby, as well as being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, I started to notice a major increase in my hair fall therefore I purchased Anne’s Oils twin pack two months ago and have noticed such a big difference in my hair fall, growth and thickness.  I move to Dubai recently and much to my relief I was able to get Anne’s Oils.  I bought quite a lot as my whole family use it and plan to purchase some more very soon as my husband uses it a lot as he has noticed very good results so quickly.

I would also like to thank Anne for her excellent customer service that comes with purchasing her oils, she is so down to earth and always willing to help with any enquiries you may have."