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Luxury Oud Hair Mask


Anne’s Master Masks

Ethanol free
Paraben free
Cruelty free
Vegan friendly
Colour Safe

Luxury Oud Enriched 5 in 1 Intense Hair Mask

Restore Damaged Bonds 
Repair Split Ends
Strengthens & Detangles 
Colour Protect & Luminous Shine
Long Lasting Sensual Oud Scent

    Now introducing our master masks to compliment our Annespa range of Anne’s SLS luxury Oud shampoo & conditioner.

    Our Ultimate Intense Luxury Hair Repair Mask, for overly Processed & Damaged Hair.

    If you have straightened, blow dried, coloured, bleached or chemically relaxed your hair, it is to some extent damaged.

    Our intense repair mask will restore broken damaged bonds caused by the over processing and styling. The results will completely transform your tresses to stronger hydrated & moisturised hair. Hair colour will remain vibrant & protected for longer. Significantly reduce split & dry ends in the first wash.

    A rich, luxurious and indulgent treatment. Although it is suitable for all hair types, really dramatic effects are most evident when used with chemically treated/damaged or dry hair. The concentrated deep moisturising ingredients will incredibly soften & polish each and every strand. The polishing effect will add depth of colour & brilliance to your hair, leaving your hair feeling sleek and looking spectacularly healthy.

    Our intense Oud of this high end product will leave your hair indulged in such opulent scents which will last until your next wash.