"After looking everywhere for the right hair products and trying almost everything out there, I finally discovered your oils, the best hair products I have used in my life.  I was really amazed at the positive reviews and the before and after pictures of clients.  I wasn’t sure if the oils were sold here in the US but after asking, I was replied and told that shipping to the US was available in 5 days.  Just as told I so happy to quickly receive my hair oils in the mail in no time.  After one week I noticed a great improvement in my hair…it was much thicker, shinier, and overall healthier.  I could not believe it was my hair!  It basically saved my hair and the bad chemical treatments I had done at the salon, now I can’t wait to see the results after I keep using them.  Thank you for so much for these amazing oil."


"After some rigorous testing with your oil, my hair looks and feels heathier, nourished and shiny. My split ends seem less prominent, no hair fall. I would highly recommend your oil. Ladies you will not be disappointed."


"Thank you soooooo much for the oils. I don't know what you have put in them but they are liquid gold. It's a miracle in a bottle. I'm in love and i'm ordering another one."


"I first tried Anne’s Oils while I was living in the UK.  Due to having a baby, as well as being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, I started to notice a major increase in my hair fall therefore I purchased Anne’s Oils twin pack two months ago and have noticed such a big difference in my hair fall, growth and thickness.  I move to Dubai recently and much to my relief I was able to get Anne’s Oils.  I bought quite a lot as my whole family use it and plan to purchase some more very soon as my husband uses it a lot as he has noticed very good results so quickly.

I would also like to thank Anne for her excellent customer service that comes with purchasing her oils, she is so down to earth and always willing to help with any enquiries you may have."


"I have suffered with hair loss and hair damage for a number of years now.  I have been given numerous products to try over the years, but internally and externally and nothing really worked at all.  That was until I was fortunate enough to come across Anne’s Hair Oils.  It has only been a few weeks and I have notified a major difference.  No more hair is falling out and it has started to go back to its natural wavy form.  I am extremely happy with my purchases and even though I live in Dubai, Anne has already ensured that I get my orders promptly and is always on hand to answer any questions I have."


"Hi! Just thought I send you another progress message! So I was put on some medication and a lot of my hair fell out again! So I was quite upset but the shedding has slowed down again and look what I found! Lots of new hair that I am sure is all because of your oil. So in a few months I think it will be the best it has been in years. I have also tried my day oil for the first time and it feels amazing…since using your hair oil my hair has definitely become thicker"


"I was sceptical at first about using these oils because I have used so many serums and hair treatments but none seemed to work.  I live in the US and I knew I would have to pay extra shipping but soon I realised it was worth it.  I had been losing a lot of hair after having my baby, but after just two weeks of using these oils, it seems like I am losing less hair and my hair has more volume.  I am sure it will get even better the more I use it. Thank you so much for such a great product."

Customer wishes to remain anonymous

"love it. This is magic !"


"Don’t hesitate in purchasing these two oils it’s like putting vitamins and goodness in your hair and your hair will grow like weeds"


"Hey Anne just wanted to say you are amazing.  I live in America and have tried so many hair products but none of them are as good as this.  I was so excited the first day I got the oil and could not wait to use it because I had heard so many great reviews.  After using it for a week you can see a whole lot of difference.  I will definitely recommend this to all my friends.  Your product is by far the best"

Customer wishes to remain anonymous

"I've had the oils for around a week now and I absolutely love them!  It has become a ritual in our house to use these oils.  I absolutely love them, my hair has become thicker and I have had less hair falling out since using them.  I even started to have bald patches and now they are covering up and my hair is growing quicker as well.  Definitely going to be ordering more and using them for life.  I wish you the best of luck with these products and don’t ever stop doing them as you saved my life"


"I just wanted to say that I didn’t really understand what was the fuss about your oils.  Now I actually tried it out the thickness of my hair has actually improved a lot.  When I wash my hair it does not fall out that much, compared to how much it used to fall out.   I want to order more of the oils.  I have still got my night oil which I am still using"

Customer wishes to remain anonymous

"so glad I found these oils, so amazing, worth trying guys…"

San San

"I saw all of the reviews on your oils and was reluctant to buy it because I literally was giving up on my hair but I am glad I made the purchase because I have been using the oils for just over a week and I can already see the results, it has improved my hair so much!  My hair was so thin that I have even been on medication for it, on top of that I have used so many hair products but nothing has worked like this.  Thank you so much, it has helped my hair healthy again"

Customer wishes to remain anonymous

"It definitely is an excellent product. I have been diagnosed with Lupus SLE since 2011 and experienced hair loss due to high dose of medication I am on. My hair feels so much fuller since I have started using your oil"


"Mum has undergone treatment for cancer which caused thinning of the hair when it grew back, with the oils it feels much more healthier, stronger and thicker. Hair has improved a lot since using these oils and she is happy with the results"

Customer wishes to remain anonymous

"I just want to say Anne’s hair oil is amazing. I was suffering from alopecia, losing hair is a woman’s worst nightmare, one I started to use Anne’s hair oil I noticed a massive difference, my hair started to grow, less hair was falling out. I have been using the oil nearly a year now. This oil has helped with alopecia, made my hair stronger and thicker. I no longer have alopecia. I would strongly recommend these products to whoever is suffering from alopecia"


"My hair has improved Soooooo much it’s unreal. My hair stylist has noticed a massive difference they are so much healthier, stronger and longer. I was suffering from major hair loss and alopecia, every time I used to brush my hair my brush was covered with hair falling out from actual roots. I used to get a lump in my throat but none of that anymore"


"Honestly I can’t thank you enough. My hair has grown by three inches in three months. I was trying so many herbal tablets to get my alopecia growing but nothing worked until I used your oils. I am glad at least I don’t have to rely on tablets"

Customer wishes to remain Anonymous

"I saw an increase in length and shine and slight thickness but most of all hair loss was so less. When I went to my hair dresser she told me what difference she could see compared to before I used the oils. I couldn’t see it myself so much but when she cut and coloured it she said she had more hair to play with. Also it has been two months since my oils ran out and my hair has been so dry falling out a lot. I knew I needed the oils back in my life"


"this oil is fab by the way, I only use it once a week, had immediate results and after three weeks hair loss stopped altogether. My hair is the longest it has been for years"


"the oil is amazing I have recommended it to all my friends even given a bottle to my mum. After I had my first kid my hair was falling out by the hand full. It was never the same and now I have had my second baby and having used the oil throughout pregnancy my hair not only has not fallen out but my hair is longer, stronger and much much thicker. So once again thank you so much my hair looks and feels amazing"


"I really love your oil look at my hair it is shiny and it looks healthy"


"My hubby even commented that my hair looks softer and thicker"


"can I place another order please. My hair feels great and the hair loss has reduced so much it has also grown quite quickly"


"thank you so much for the oil. I have used it twice and it’s a wow….can’t believe that my hair are more thick and growing back"


"just to let you know I have been using the oil for a couple of weeks now and it works wonders!! Totally awesome…I have recommended you to lots of other potential customers…keep up the good work"


"Since February I have been using both the oils – day and night as instructed…it is a truly natural product no nasties especially chemicals. It has become my hairs best friend all thanks to the beautiful kind lovely Anne."

Customer wishes to remain anonymous

"I just have to say that Anne’s Oils are just brilliant. Initially I thought this hair oil will be just another one in the market…but I have been using it for 4 months now…firstly only the overnight treatment oil was available which after only 4 washed stop by hair fall. Then I noticed it looked and felt soo thick and the density of my hair looked fuller. Also my split ends were smoothed out"

"Since February I have been using both the oils – day and night as instructed…it is a truly natural product no nasties especially chemicals. It has become my hairs best friend all thanks to the beautiful kind lovely Anne."

"I am only half way through my first bottle and I have noticed less fall out, healthy and thicker"


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