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Our Pure Love Collection
Anne Ramadan & Eid Delights have landed.

When Classic Essence Is Reinvented to Rich Modern Fragrance.

Here we are after months of research, testing & sampling.. these are the ones. We promise you that these two concentrated pure intense perfume oil drops are high end sophisticated scents. They will last even after a shower.

In fact the scent matures as the hours pass by. The perfume notes increase and activate at their best with body heat as well as environmental heat.

Guaranteed Exceptional Perfume Power.
Traditionally addressed as Ataar (intense perfume oil drops)

1. ❤️Anne Royal Rouge Ataar (Feminine Scent)

Royal Rouge Ataar is a premium quality scent with notes similar to that found in Baccarat Rouge and our Vingt scents. The amazing fragrance of Royal Rouge stimulates your senses with its hints of oriental floral scents. The top notes of Royal Rouge are saffron and jasmine, the middle notes consist of amber wood, and the base notes are of cedar and fir resin. Collectively the Royal Rouge main accords are woody and warm yet fresh and spicy with a trace of floral fragrance. The notes of Royal Rouge Ataar offers an interplay among its three unique accords and each accord offers an individual and instinctive characteristic. Please note Royal Rouge and Vingt are the same scents.

Perfume or Fragrance Type - Concentrated perfume oils
Scent Intensity - Strong
Scent Longevity - Long-Lasting

2. 🖤Anne Oudh Gold Ataar. (Unisex)

Pure romance resounds in the top notes of amber and rose, where fresh meets powdery to set the stage for the middle notes. Here, a heart of Oud brings its characteristic depth and mystery to a bouquet of bright florals and the herbaceous, woody essence of cistus. For the base notes, creamy vanilla bean and earthy patchouli unite in a mood-boosting concoction.

Anne Oudh Gold is both romantic and energetic, a modern fragrance that reinvents such classic essences as rose, florals and amber with the scintillating lure of Oud. Perfect for day or night, Oudh Gold adds style and sophistication to any occasion.

Perfume or Fragrance Type - Concentrated perfume oils
Scent Intensity - Strong
Scent Longevity - Long-Lasting

Parfum (Fragrance), Apha-isomethyl ionone, Benzyl salicilate, Butylphenyl Methylproponal, Citral Citonellol, Coumarin, Hexyl cinnamal, Hydro-xycitronellal, Isoeugenot, Limonene, Linalool.


Just a drop or two of the perfume oil are enough for a beautiful fragrance result to last for up-to 48 hours.
To experience the ataar fragrance is to apply it to the inside of each wrist and dab a little behind each earlobe with the inside of your wrists. You can also apply a drop on your neck and dab in gently. Do not rub.
Do not apply directly on clothes or furnishings.
Perfume or Fragrance Type - Concentrated oil
Scent Intensity - Strong
Scent Longevity - Long-Lasting

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