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Beautiful fragrances by Anne ... always fragrance yourself ...

True Femininity & You....
Eau de Perfume Two stunning perfumes by Anne.

Anne’s Signature Velvet Rose & Oud ...
containing the original oriental deep rich woody fragrance plus an infusion of intense floral scented rose.

Top notes: rose, rosewood.
Heart notes: oud wood, sandalwood and vetiver.
Base notes: tonka bean, vanilla & amber.

Anne’s Luxury Oud Gold.
An exquisite fragrance, containing the original deep rich ouds.

The Oud Gold scent is a sensual oriental deep, rich woody fragrance for both men & women. Warming, strong, refined and inviting.

Top Notes: Rose wood, cardamom, & Chinese pepper.
Heart Notes: Oud Wood, Sandlewood & Vetiver.
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla & Amber.

Lustrous Invitation of Tempting scents... lasting fragrances.

Eau de Parfum

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